Our Products

At Bench Mark Potato we pack and ship quality Idaho® potatoes all over the United States for use in the foodservice and retail industry. Our company labels include Pride of the Valley and Farm Fresh in a variety of packs.

Both Number 1 and Number 2 grade potatoes are available for use in the foodservice industry with outside appearance being the only difference between the two grades.

Number 1 grade potatoes are sized and packed in 50LB cartons. Sizes range from 40 count to 120 count. This count indicates roughly how many potatoes can be found in the carton. Number 2 grade potatoes are packed in 50LB cartons, mesh bags, and paper bags.

Our retail packs are packed with Number 1 grade potatoes in 5LB and 10LB mesh and poly bags.

We also have the ability to work with customers to create custom packs in custom labels.

Find Us In Your Grocery Store

Potatoes at Bench Mark are packaged under the Farm Fresh and Pride of the Valley labels for foodservice and retail use.